Official declassified documents about the September 11 attacks   


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    Unlocking 9/11 is a Web site from INTELWIRE.com which presents primary source documents on the September 11 attacks obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, from the National Archives of the United States and from other sources.

    The site includes hundreds of declassified documents from the FBI, the State Department, the Transportation Safety Administration and the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, otherwise known as the 9/11 Commission.

    New documents will be posted in the weeks and months to come. To keep up with the latest updates, bookmark http://documents.unlocking911.com/, or subscribe to this site's RSS feed.

    For more about the September 11 attacks, including the Americans who helped the hijackers during their mission on U.S. soil, check out J.M. Berger's new book, Jihad Joe: Americans Who Go to War in the Name of Islam, on sale in bookstores everywhere, and available on Kindle, Google eBooks and Nook.


    The following files were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, under a request by INTELWIRE.com for all documents footnoted in the Final Report of the 9/11 Commission. Hundreds of documents

    FBI Files Cited In 9/11 Report

  • By 9/11 Report Chapter
  • 1995 to 2000
  • 1/1/2001 to 9/10/2001
  • 9/11/2001
  • 9/12/2001
  • 9/13/2001 to 9/30/2001
  • 10/01/2001 to 12/31/2001
  • 01/01/2002 to 04/30/2002
  • 5/2002 to 12/2002
  • 1/2003 to 12/2003
  • 1/2004 to FBI FOIA complete

    J.M. Berger appeared May 20 on the Fox News Reporting special "Secrets of 9/11" to discuss the role of Anwar Awlaki in the September 11 attacks. You can find even more revelations about Americans who helped the 9/11 hijackers and Anwar Awlaki's role in Jihad Joe: Americans Who Go To War In The Name Of Islam, available in bookstores everywhere.

    "Jihad Joe" also reveals the existence of other American support networks for September 11, including infrastructure created by Ali Mohamed, an American citizen and Al Qaeda spy who infiltrated the U.S. Army and played games with the CIA and FBI.

    Click here to see the INTELWIRE exclusive documents featured on the show


  • Major Document: FBI Chronology of Hijackers' Activities
  • FBI Timeline of Investigation for September 12-13, 2001
  • State Department Documents Cited In 9/11 Commission Report
  • June 2001 Warning About Terrorist Attack From Afghanistan
  • State Department's Secret Post-9/11 Briefing to World Leaders
  • Al Qaeda's Internal Records of Its Founding in 1988
  • 1994 State Department Document Referencing Al Qaeda
  • Anwar Awlaki FBI Investigative Documents
  • Descriptions of U.S. Border Security Programs, TIP, PISCES
  • 9/11 Commission Memoranda, State Department Interviews
  • 9/11 Commission Memoranda, CIA Budget
  • 9/11 Commission Memoranda, Extremism In Pakistan
  • 9/11 Commission Memoranda, Various Interviews
  • 9/11 Commission Memoranda, FBI Interviews, Part I
  • 9/11 Commission Memoranda, 1990s CT Policy Interviews
  • State Department Analysis: Exporting Terrorist Tactics From Iraq


  • 9/11 Commission
  • Anwar Awlaki
  • Omar Al Bayoumi
  • Dar El Hijrah (mosque)
  • Nawaf Al Hazmi (Hijacker)
  • Khalid Shaikh Mohammed
  • Ramzi Yousef
  • Flight Schools
  • East African Embassy Bombings
  • Hijackers Activities

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